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Choose from 4 Games

Call 208-770-0973 to make your game private. 

Open spots in your game are subject to public booking unless your game is private. 


per person

(ages 10+)

WRATH of the GODS. 2-4 players.

A raging battle of revenge is brewing between Zeus, Greek god of sky and thunder, and his goddess wife, Hera! To even the score, Hera has captured your band of mortals and commanded you to sneak into the sacred temple of Athena to steal Zeus’ most powerful weapon - the lightning bolt. Do you have the courage and stealth to crack the mighty altar and secretly swipe the lightning bolt? If you succeed, Hera will grant your freedom. If you fail, the full wrath of the gods awaits! 

PROFESSOR DEATH. 2-6 players.

You’ve joined the Sherlock Holmes detective crew, the Baker Steet Irregulars, who are hot on the trail of a deadly global crime spree. A series of clues have led you to the sinister "Professor Death" posing as an instructor at the university. But not so fast - you find yourselves suddenly trapped in the secret lair! Can you uncover the next target and escape these evil clutches in time? A tense 60 minutes is all you have before a poisonous gas will put an end to our heroes!

ROB the MOB. 4-8 Players.
“Scarface” Al Capone and his mob just shoved a tommy gun in your face demanding their weekly cut of your business profits…or else. But those thugs can’t push YOU around! Tonight, you’re going to blast open Capone’s cash safe and steal back what’s rightfully yours. You have one hour before the mob gathers for their poker game, so get in and out quickly! You’ll be sleeping with the fishes if they find you.

Area 51 small icon.jpg

AREA 51. 4-10 players.

Your team has been assigned a top-secret mission at the Area 51 military base. An alien body has been discovered alive in a recent UFO crash. The mothership is demanding the alien be returned immediately, or our entire planet will be destroyed. There’s just one problem…the only scientist who knows how to do it has gone missing. Can your team return the alien in time? It’s up to you to save us all!

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